Our Registries

Our primary registry is through the Traveler's Joy website. At this lovely website, you can donate whole or partial gifts and events to our Royal Caribbean honeymoon cruise that departs Sunday, December 5th. The best part about this... YOU get to choose what we will do on our honeymoon! Cool, huh?

You could be on the top of our minds while we parasail in the Grand Caymans! Or, if you don't like us, you can buy us a shark excursion! However, please note: If we get eaten, you will NOT be receiving a thank you note. :)

To view our Traveler's Joy registry, click below:

Our Traveler's Joy Registry

For all the brick-and-mortar store fans, we also have two smaller, traditional registries at Target and Macy's that are ripe for your perusal.

To view these registries, click below:

Our Target Registry Our Macy's Registry

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